Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Double Duty Beauty Products!!

Double Duty Beauty Products:
Get More Bang For Your Buck

When the going gets tough - the tough get gorgeous! Like most Recessionistas out there right now, you’re probably looking for cheap, but chic, ways to keep up the glam without shelling out too many clams. Looking for ways to get more bang for your buck during this economic downturn? One of the best investments you can make right now is to stock up on double duty beauty products. So, stop your obsession with the recession, (worrying just gives you wrinkles!), and start pampering yourself with these multi-purpose primpers:

Dr. Bronner’s Magic “All-inOne” Castile Soap:
Take a wacky trip back to the 60’s as you wash up with this all natural eco-friendly soap, blended with jojoba and loads of essential oils. This clever cleanser can be used to clean everything from your most delicate body parts to your motor vehicle’s undercarriage. Read the loopy label in the shower and you’ll also “clean your conscience” as you wait for your conditioner to kick in! The bottle lists 18 uses, but with Dr. Bronner’s and a little elbow grease - there’s no limit to what you can lather up. It’s now available in eight scents, but be sure to give the classic Peppermint a try. Find it at drug stores, health food shops and hippie communes everywhere. ($5.99/8 oz. www.drbronner.com)

The Multiple by Nars:
This multi-purpose product provides beautiful translucent color for eyes, cheeks, lips and body all in a single stick. It’s special fail-proof formula goes on like a cream, but finishes like a powder, for quick color and sheer coverage. A makeup artist must-have, The Multiple let’s you accent, highlight and contour all with one product; so go on girl, get on the stick and get glowing! Check out The Mutliple peach-pink shade “Orgasm” -- Who wouldn’t want that?! ($37.00 www.narscosmetics.com)

Stila’s Convertible Eye Color:
Keep your cosmetic bag clean with this convenient 3-in1 color. The dynamic dual-ended applicator has an eye pencil on one end and a gentle smudging tool on the other. A quick twist to the middle - and Voile! - Stila’s got you covered with a perfectly coordinating, and long lasting, eye shadow. It comes in twelve sensational shades, so try a few and you’ll look fab in a flash! ($22.00 www.stilacosmetics.com)

MD Skincare All in One Facial Cleanser with Toner:
Now you can clear your counter from the clutter of countless cleansers and totally toss those toners! With this fantastic find, in just a single step, you can remove makeup, clean and tone your skin. This milky marvel dissolves dirt and oil from you pores, but is so gentle it won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. It comes in three formulas; normal, sensitive & problem skin. Just what the doctor ordered! ($38.00/8oz. www.sephora.com)

Philosophy 3-in1 Shampoo & Shower Gels:
You’ll fall head over heals in love with the luscious lather as you dive into these delicious, and calorie-free, indulgent bath gels. This award winning multi-tasker will leave you clean, conditioned and smelling good enough to eat! Just a dash added to your laundry, or hand-washables, will leave your delicates delicately scented, too! There are so many sensational scents to chose from, but why not toast in the Spring with a little Mimosa bubbly-bath? ($16.00/16 oz. www.philosophy.com)

DuWop Revolution Tinted Body Moisturizer with SPF:
Revolt against pale arms and legs with this sheer, sexy and shimmery body makeup lotion by DuWop. Their new SPF 15 formula lets you moisturize and protect your skin. You’ll look radiant with a guilt-free golden glow. And now it’s even more transfer resistant than ever, so both you and your clothing look great today and for years to come! ($28.00/5.3 oz. www.shop.duwop.com)

Benefit Galactic Shield:
Join forces with Benefit’s zit-zapping super heroine, Zaparella, to blast away menacing blemishes. Rub out whimpy pimples that dare to come between you and your clear complexion! In a single swoosh, this killer concealer works as a double agent to hide & heal, with a dose of blemish busting salicylic acid. It is available in three easy to blend shades.

MAC Glitter:
Already have a sparking personality? Now you can have the skin and hair to match! Use MAC’s glamorous glitter to a little shimmer whenever and wherever you need it. Use it to brighten up your eyes or to make your hair really shine. Blend some with your lip gloss and you’re sure to have a smile that really lights up the room! Pick a shade or two to play with. ($17.00/.26 oz. www.maccosmetics.com)

Johnson’s Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E:
Go ahead and baby yourself with this amazing mulit-purpose beauty product. Use this mild and gentle oil gel, enriched with aloe vera & Vitamin E, to moisturize and condition your skin. Soothe some on right after your shower to lock in moisture, up to ten times longer than lotion. Rub some on your cuticles to keep even the hardest working hands from drying out and getting ragged. Put a dab on a cotton ball to effortlessly remove your makeup, without tugging or pulling your skin. You can even run a very little through your tresses to keep your hair shiny and silky, without looking stringy or greasy, all day long. ($4.29/6.50 oz. www.Walgreens.com)

Bliss’ Problem Salved 20-in-1 Wonder Balm:
If you’re skin is chapped, cracked or chaffed - you’ll want to check out this Bliss exclusive beauty balm! Swipe some on to soothe sunburn, bug bites, and blisters. See instant results when you sweep it across just waxed, treated or stressed-out skin. Use it to groom your brows or to tame flyaways and frizzies! From head-to-toe beauty fixes to boo-boos kisses - you’ll see that almost all of life’s problems can finally be salved! ($18.00 www.blissworld.com)