Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ode to The Load

It has been said, “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was, and always will be.”

Like it, or not, there is something in my life that I've been trying to set free for years, but it just keeps coming back. In fact, we have a bond so great, the longer we're apart, the deeper and deeper it grows.

So, with my heart smeared on my sleeve, I'd like to share a little poem about something I can barely go a day without.

Ode to The Load

Good friends and lovers
May come and go.
Spouses can sometimes stray.
Your kids will eventually
Up and grow,
And neighbors
Might move away.

But, there is one thing,
That will never leave you
Hanging on the line.
Laundry is forever;
A companion,
'Til the end of time.

Through the circle of life,
Your wash whirls by,
From soak cycle to spin;
No sooner does
The bell toll for thee,
And another load begins.

Like a persistent paramour
Pressing you
For more and more
Of your time.
You'll find it lurking,
In every corner,
With stalking stains
And demanding grime.

But dig deep down
In that dingy rainbow,
Sorting colors, darks and brights,
You'll experience
A Zen-like calm,
Bleaching clean the whites.

Waves of foam
Stir up buried treasures,
Like exploded tissues
And loose change.
Or an errant red sock,
That turns everything pink,
Which the boys find
Really strange.

No sooner do you
Think its over,
And close the laundry door,
That's when you glance down
At your stylish self,
To see that
You're wearing more.

As you fold the towels,
Sheets and rags,
That's when you know;
It's true.
Even if you became
A nudist
There'd still be wash to do.

Laundry will always be there
As long as shirts
And marinara meet,
And little kids
Lick drippy cones
Of melting ice cream treats.

You may shout and bounce
As it gains on you,
And the tide wisks you away.
But when you open your
Empty underwear drawer,
You'll cheer that it's
Laundry Day.


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