Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is in the air! It's a time for romance, roses and great big boxes of chocolate. Recently a sugar rush, induced by a sneak peak into a Whitman's Sampler, got my blood pumping and my mind racing. I'm not the mushy type, but as I fingered over the cream-filleds, I started to think about some of the other things that can set my heart aflutter.

It's not sappy stuff like raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens. No, I tend to enjoy some of life's more guilty pleasures. I doubt you'll ever hear Julie Andrews singing about any of these in a “Sound of Music” sequel, but here's a list of a few of MY favorite things;

- Shopping in stores that use vanity sizing. There's one shop in North Raleigh where I can instantly go from a size extra-large down to a medium petite, without even breaking a sweat.

- Not picking the slowest checkout lane in the store. I'm usually in the line with a register that runs out of tape, runs out of change or suffers from Y2K flashbacks. You'll also find me stuck behind the slowpoke clutching a fistful of coupons, who pays by check and won't be rushed to make a snap decision on paper or plastic.

- When my kid's team finally beats your kid's team. Not that we're keeping score or anything, right?

- That silly sense of schadenfreude when the team's designated Snack Mom forgets her day or even worse…brings veggie sticks. It's so nice to see my kids rolling their eyes in disappointment at a mom - who isn't me!

- Being handed an excellent health report, even though I've been terrible about keeping in shape. My girlfriend swims an hour a day just to keep her cholesterol down. For me, it's all in the gene pool, baby!

- Grade-grubbing for my kid during a parent-teacher conference that actually works. (Of course, I'd never really do that…)

- Thinking of the perfect comeback, before the person walks away.

- Having a bad hair day, on the day I have an appointment to get it cut. My hair usually chooses that day - and that day only - to be on its best behavior. How does it know?

- Pouring over the latest photos in a tabloid exposé of stars without makeup. Even better, stars without makeup…at the beach. I just can't resist those close-ups of celebrity cellulite.

- Getting a short lived, and non-contagious stomach bug. I don't care if it is water weight - it's still 5 pounds!

But most of all, I love having friends, family and a husband that I adore, who's so kind and supportive that he thinks even my grocery shopping lists are cleverly written. Hey, maybe I am a little mushy after all! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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